Two Sides of a Same Coin


True, in our case anyways. And just like best friends, we argue, we have hysteric laughs, we pout, we share.

We argue about how much TV show one should be invested in,

we have hysteric laughs over weird noises we make out of nowhere,

we pout about who gets the better tasting meal,

we share… too much to write it all down here.

But one of the many things we do share is a certain nerdiness, and this ‘project’ comes out of this, we believe to be, fantastic propensity.

Having been reunited in the same city after three years, an eternity for two sisters who have spent all their lives together (except for 11 months in 2006-2007 when we were in different countries as well), this is an attempt at exploring the differences, or perhaps, who knows, an even stronger similarity between the two of us. The title of the page came to us both at the same time once we decided to start this awesome project (which, granted, could be perceived as weird and creepy to some, but well, I guess they don’t have an amahzing sister).

At the beginning of each month, we will both decide on one topic to talk about. We will try to come up with things we disagree on or have different views, but not always. At the end of each month, we will both share our thoughts and see how different or how similar we are on said topic.

This page will thus be updated each month with links to our respective WordPress posts.

(To start with, this is my sister’s WordPress blog:

Here we go.

(This is a famous line in Nikita by the way, and yes, I’m pointing this out just to annoy you, Sistah. Stop rolling your eyes right now.)

September: Cleaning

Sister 1: Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Sister 2: There is order in my chaos

October: Competition

Sister 1: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

Sister 2: Competition is the wrong word

November: My Science

Sister 1: Beauty is truth; truth, beauty

Sister 2: What if my science doesn’t save the world?

December: Being Thankful

Sister 1: Goodbye 2013, Thank You 2013

Sister 2: 2013 Wasn’t so bad

January: New Year’s Resolutions

Sister 1: New year’s old resolutions

Sister 2: 2014 Resolutions

February: Going back to Korea for the holidays

Sister 1: Going home

Sister 2: When home is no longer home


Sister 1:

Sister 2:


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