Claire Seulgie Lim – Boston University

Please click here for my latest CV (updated November 2015)


Me trying to be smart. Thoughts on different social.political issues.


I do exert some feelings from time to time. This is for such rare moments, when spoken words fail me, I try to put them into writing.


Charlie and I

Charlie is a fond nickname I have given to the Charles River, which runs through Boston. My new life as Claire (Seulgie) Lim in Boston, my new ‘home’ for the following five years (or maybe more?).

An Ambition

Life as a graduate student in preparation and -finally- as a graduate student in the US. My dreams, ordeals, nightmares, joys, in sum, a new life, at Boston University.


A Passion

Just some stuff I wrote down. Parts for potential novel? Just some nonsensical scribbling? I don’t know. All I know is that I enjoyed the process.

WordPress Projects

Some WordPress Daily Challenge writing projects to keep me going.

Two Sides of a Same Coin

A ‘collaboration’ with my sister. We each write about a commonly chosen topic each month. Discover more craziness from the already not-so-sane sisters!

Guilty Pleasures

I absolutely love TV shows, mostly American. I will often become obsessed with one, and most probably with more than one character. Although my absolute and all-time favorite will forever remain ‘Friends’, I have quite a list of American shows I fervently watch and follow, and decided, since this is a space I ‘share what I enjoy’, why not share my very biased opinions on what these shows provide? They will mostly be reviews, so Spoiler Alert in advance!


Anything not categorized. Some thoughts that may linger in my head that I want to remember for some time in the future. Daily mishaps, since what I love sharing more than joy is my misfortune 😉




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