The Egyptian Demos Speaks (and Louder Than Ours)


Is it or is it not a military coup in Egypt?  This semantic game is, predictably, being played out among the talking heads, and hardly surprising, the answer depends a great deal upon the political convictions of the speaker.  Yes, the military has entered the political arena and ousted the sitting government, which is certainly coup-like.  On the other hand, although the military is looking after its own interest, it is nevertheless responding to an unprecedented demonstration of discontent with an increasingly unresponsive and autocratic government.  So, call it a military coup, but one with incredibly broad popular support.

Of course, governments, even those that could not stomach Morsi and his Muslem Brotherhood, are bemoaning the fact that the Egyptian army has removed a legitimate, freely elected, if obnoxious, administration.  Naturally, this has less to do with any deep commitment to constitutional process than with the simple fact that governments…

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Such a beautiful song, sung by three beautiful voices.

Sure, the lyrics are religious, but they were words of poems written by Ste Thérèse De Lisieux, and it doesn’t matter.

The fact that three singers of three different backgrounds and religions came together to sing it makes it even more divine.

– Natasha
Rappelle-toi les divines tendresses
Dont tu comblas les tout petits enfants
Je veux aussi recevoir tes caresses
Donne-moi tes baisers ravissants

– Elisa
Pour jouer dans les cieux de ta douce présence
Je saurai pratiquer les vertus de l’enfance
Tu nous l’a dit souvent
Le ciel est pour l’enfant


– Sonia
Rappelle-toi que sur d’autres rivages
Les astres d’or et la lune d’argent
Que je contemple en l’azur sans nuage
Ont réjoui, charmé tes yeux d’enfant

– Natasha
De ta petite main qui caressait Marie
Tu soutenais le monde et lui donnais la vie
Que tes biens sont à moi
Mon Bien-Aimé, mon Roi

– Ensemble

Rappelle-toi que dans ta solitude
Tu travaillais de tes divines mains
Vivre oublié fut ta plus douce étude
Tu rejetas le savoir des humains

Ô toi qui d’un seul mot pouvait charmer le monde
Tu te plus à cacher ta sagesse profonde
Tu parus ignorant
Au Seigneur tout puissant


Rappelle-toi que je veux sur la terre
Te consoler de l’oubli des pécheurs
Mon seul amour exauce ma prière
Ah pour t’aimer donne-moi mille cœurs

Si tu t’endors aussi lorsque l’orage gronde
Je veux rester toujours en une paix profonde
De mon désir brûlant
Seigneur à chaque instant


Rappelle-toi que souvent je soupire
Après le jour du grand avènement
Envoie bientôt l’ange qui doit nous dire
Réveillez-vous il n’y a plus de temps

Alors habilement je franchirai l’espace
Seigneur tout près de toi j’irai prendre ma place
Qu’en ces jours éternels
Tu dois être mon Ciel


Airs of grandeur


I’m sorry,

am I the only one who is a little bit annoyed by Felix Baumgartner?

Applause to the incredible jump that he has done. One should always push for more, never accept any boundaries, continuously challenge oneself, and blah blah.

I just don’t see the point of this stunt though, and all of his ‘quotes’ that are trending on facebook, twitter, tumblr etc, are not only tasteless, but also insulting.

First of all, NO.

You don’t have to be up really high to realize your minuteness in this universe. You should always be aware of how insignificant you can be. The point is not to end life insignificantly. And we all do that. We may not be jumping from high places, but we recognize that, and I’m sorry, but some of us do make more difference in this world than you have with that stunt.

And second,

Well fuck…

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