Things I won’t miss from Korea

People –
Extended family who visit once or twice a year and every time comment on my weight, my skin complexion, my celibacy, and what not

Old people with no sense of decency in public places

People touching you and shoving you instead of saying ‘Excuse me’

Well-dressed girls that make me feel like a hobo

Skinny girls that make me feel obese

Outrageous bus and cab drivers

People covering themselves literally everywhere when going outside for a ‘walk’ because everybody knows a tan is the deadliest of all natural disasters

People playing music out loud on their phones when working out as if they were providing a great musical and entertainment service to everyone else working out in the same park

(Wow, that’s a LOT of people)
Cars honking on the streets because the car in front didn’t start off the nano-second the light changed

Worrying whether a particular t-shirt/shirt has too much cleavage

The pity look people give me when I say I don’t have a boyfriend and their awkward attempt at ‘comforting me’

When are you getting married?”

Spitting on the streets

Mom asking me what time I’ll be back home


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