Through hoops and loops

Going studying in a foreign country is no easy thing. I suddenly feel for all my foreign friends who must have had to go through some similar shit to come study for two years at GSIS. Respect.

I guess I should be thankful that I am at least in a place that allows me to go through hoops and loops, when the other option could have been skipping through these hoops and loops and being stuck at a job with high possibilities of me not liking it, in Korea. But, thankfulness and gratefulness aside, this process can still get on my nerves sometimes.

And yes, yes, I know it’s all a necessary process, but let’s just stop being rational for once and look at this ‘subjectively’.


I think BU must have my postal address messed up somehow, which deeply complicates matters. I didn’t get the first admission letter they sent, so they had to send another one. And now, once again, I’m still waiting for the visa documents, which they sent on May 8th. Considering the most it can take for air mail to arrive from the States to Korea is about 2 weeks, I think it’s safe to say, that document is also somewhere, lost… while its rightful recipient is lingering over here. So they have to send it out again, BUT they can’t issue the same document in less than a month, so I have to wait until June 8th for them to send it to me. I don’t even want to think about the necessary processes I have to go through, which will include trips to the Embassy and research on the internet, once I actually get those papers.

The reason I want my visa is that it will get me a cheaper plane ticket. Considering I’ll be leaving some time mid-August, which is still in the mist of summer vacation, high chances are that if I don’t book/buy my ticket now, I’ll be paying an insane sum later on. So yes, I want to buy my ticket now, but, no, I can’t get my student discount if I don’t have my student visa. Why don’t I have my visa? Well, refer to the above. It’s a vicious circle, really. Internet booking was therefore out of the issue, so I went to a travel agency (I know, they still do exist) and made a reservation, paid, and since there was an actual person I could talk to and tell about my situation, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will all go well.

Next in line is my medical check-up where I have to list down the dates of all my vaccinations and get a doctor’s signature. I wish I knew a doctor on a personal level, who could do this for me as a favor. I mean, yes, it’s probably not the way to do it, but I KNOW I’ve had the right vaccinations on time, it’s just that… well, you know, who knows when I had those. I went to two private clinics where the doctors told me to go somewhere else, so I had to go to a university hospital. And I hate university hospitals. They make you wait and make you pay for all kinds of check-ups you don’t really need to have. Those things are money eating machines. And the doctors there are never nice. Yes, I understand, they must be frustrated all the time, with endless patients and what-nots. But where are the doctors from ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, only to cite a few medical TV shows? I don’t even want Georges Clooney or McDreamy handsome doctors. I just want nice people. Like a smile or two won’t hurt. I already feel bad taking their precious time away from their work.


So I had to check if I had TB and had my blood drawn (and it’s never nice to have your arm pricked twice with a needle in a matter of 5 minutes apart, especially on the same arm because nurses avoid my right arm with the huge scary scar there) and had an X-ray, and have to go back there on Monday. Who knows what else will happen then.

I think though if I didn’t have my mom lurking around my every move, I would be a little less frustrated. She gets upset for nothing. First was when my admission letter wouldn’t come. Then, my visa documents. I mean yes, it would have been nice to have gotten them all without any delay or lost mail, but shit happens. Looking at the mail box every time you pass by won’t make the lost mail magically appear there. And I really don’t know why the mail keeps getting lost, no matter how many times you ask me. I truly don’t. Then she got upset that I didn’t book my plane ticket in advance. It’s not like I intentionally chose to wait. I tried on the internet, it didn’t work because I didn’t have my visa. And no matter what the agency tells you, there really is not that much of a difference between plane tickets. I still got mine at 1,230,000 won, which I think is a pretty good deal (*knocking on wood*, hope this one will work). She got upset again that I wasn’t hurrying with my medical check-up. Geez. I still have two months… I don’t know, she always loves preparing things in advance, like much, much in advance. It’s not that I enjoy slacking, but I just don’t see the point of hurrying things up when they could totally be done later (wait…is that the definition of ‘slacking’?) and nothing horrendous will happen. I like planning things in advance too, and sticking to these plans once I’ve set my mind. But by ‘in advance’, I mean ‘planning for tomorrow and this week-end’ at the most. Because I’ve learned that unexpected shit always happens, and then I get all upset that my plans got ruined. And when I plan, I PLAN.

I mean, look at this. This is how I planned my whole day the first time I went to Yosemite. Of course, shit happened then too, shit meaning that I underestimated hiking at Yosemite and one couldn’t possibly do more than 2 hikes a day there.


You plan things one day in advance, yet you still find changes you couldn’t have predicted. So really, planning months, years in advance -sometimes- is just not really worth it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a lifelong goal or that you should live life day by day, don’t go to extremes. But always planning is not always good.

My mom being upset upsets me. I just feel like she gets invested so much on everything I (or my sister) do and it’s about time she stopped. I tell her one thing and I have to face an endless of related AND unrelated questions, accompanied with everything she read on the internet, also related and unrelated. I once told her she was a typical ‘helicopter mom’ and she seemed to get genuinely upset (because I guess in her own way, she tries not to meddle too much…) so that’s one way of warning her off I can’t use anymore.

Well, that didn’t end the way I expected… how did I get to rant about my mom instead of the whole studying abroad talk? Huh… weird… I’m telling you, too much mom in my life right now! I let my guard down a little, and she is everywhere!

sscn21lPS: I love my mom. I really do. She cooks for me. She takes care of me when I’m sick. She buys me nice things sometimes.


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