Nikita – Season 3 recap


Ok, it’s time to get down to business and finally write this post, which I’ve been postponing for a while, for mainly two reasons: 1. I’ll have too much to say, 2. Writing this will be like officially saying goodbye to the 3rd season of Nikita, and in my own little delusional world, the series is still well alive and running. *sigh*

To be honest, the third season has not been my favorite season. I’ve watched and re-watched Season 1 and Season 2 countless times, without any fast forward or skipping parts, but surprisingly, I haven’t done so for Season 3. I’ve only skipped to the good Mikita parts. And frankly, the dynamic that Nikita and Michael had was best when they were against each other, in Season 1, and the thrill was much more tense when Alex was an undercover at Division, also in Season 1. So yes, Season 1 is my favorite, I guess. But on the other hand, it’s also true, from a creative point of view, that it would have been next to impossible to keep Alex that long in Division as a double agent, and well, Michael had to be ‘turned to the good side’ sooner or later.

Season 3 started off so well. We saw that Nikita finally had a ‘normal’ life outside of Division, practicing yoga and all (although we didn’t see much of her normal life after that), and yes, of course, Michael proposed (OMG OMG!!!), which was a very un-Nikita-ish move, but awesome nonetheless.


We also had some very sweet Mikita moments, some very sweet Salex moments, some very encouraging Birkhoff actions, and some very thrilling missions. On the other hand, we had some very dark and gloomy moments as well, amputations, deaths, betrayals, unexpected and deadly twists and turns (doh), battles between good and evil, and a lot of ‘Amanda you’re such a bitch’ deliriums.

What I liked most about this season?

1. Finding out that you can’t ‘right’ a wrong as simple as you would wish to. The characters’ struggle with the essence of Division, and then with Amanda, has been a hell of a ride, filled with ‘I don’t think they’re going the right way’ doubts. In some way, I sympathized with Percy, for having run this organization for… I don’t know… 10 years at least? And in other ways, I felt bad seeing that Division got to the best of them, like a disease slowly yet surely invading its host’s body. Ryan, Nikita, and even Michael, could not remain as ‘righteous’ as they had perhaps started when they took over the task of dismantling Division, and they had to make compromises and put their own benefits before the ‘greater good’. Perhaps the one that remained the most impartial and untouched was Sean, and well… we all know how that went for him (*tears*).

2. Discovering Nikita under a whole new light, and not a pleasant one (but that is not to say that it wasn’t a clever move from the writers), since we saw her bits of Amanda in her character, behavior and reaction, especially in her relationship with Alex.

3. Being left dumbfounded by Amanda’s obsession with Nikita and her objective to prove that Nikita is ‘not a good person’ and that she is only as much as she raised her to be. Her schemes were so manipulative and proofs of patience and cunning, it was simply amazing to see such a TV villain.

4. Action – ALWAYS a treat on the show.

And now it is time to say goodbye. I’ll probably spend the hiatus re-watching all three seasons all over again, restraining from writing posts from Season 1, Episode 1…

I don’t think I’ve been this much into a show ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Man, that was ‘the‘ show for me when I was a teenager (at least I had an excuse back then, being a teenager, you’re often forgiven for your craziest crushes). Not having the means of the powerful internet back then (which, thinking back, was a blessing), I used to record the show when it aired on MBC (not the Korean one, the Arabic one), on Sundays, at 20:00 (I remember the time, since it was sometime after evening mass on Sundays and I used to get into such a fuss when mass would occasionally drag for more then 10 minutes. I know, what a devout little Catholic girl I was. Pfft), watch it over and over on VCR, memorize the lines and then write them down in my diary. That show was the only reason Sarah Michelle Gellar was my favorite actress (but not having seen any of her other works) for a long time.

I did ‘ship’ the ‘Dantana’ couple in CSI New York for a while, but the degree of that particular devotion was nothing compared to the one I developed for Buffy and Nikita.

Unfortunately for my sanity, I’ve had full access to the magical world of internet for Nikita, and I’ve succumbed to Tumblr blogs devoted to the show, YouTube videos of fan-made compilations as well as simple clips of the episodes (somehow it’s a different experience, watching clips of episodes on YouTube, of the very same episodes I have in complete in my drive), Twitter accounts of the actors and the writers, and yes, online voting (for best actor/actress, etc). I even fucking added my name to the fan video made for Dillon Casey to thank him for his work on Nikita. Gosh, the laugh I had when I saw the video, AND my name pop up with my ‘personal message’! It was both… exhilarating and depressing. Maggie Q is now my favorite actress (and once again, I haven’t seen any of her other work, and I probably won’t actively look for them), I know that it should take at least 4 seasons of 22 episodes to have the show ‘syndicated’ (whatever that means… that was enough to have my hopes for Season 4 when we weren’t still sure Nikita would come back for a season 4). I know what upfronts are for each TV channel and I know of comic cons in San Diego and New York. I’ve watched with concern the ratings of this show on TVLine (and I never cared about ratings for any show, due to my aversion to numbers) . I’ve discovered, to my relief, that my benign interest in the show was nothing compared to the obsession devotion other fans have for the show. I mean, Tumblr fan arts and gifs? Pfft, that is nothing. Making videos rooting for a fourth season? Now, yes, that’s fandom. Fan fiction? Sure, it’s all good effort, but come back after you’ve made your own opening credits for the show.

So yeah, you can imagine my sadness and depression when I learned that Nikita will be coming back for a VERY shortened fourth and final season. True, I never saw the show go more than five seasons at most, from the beginning, due to the nature of it, and it wouldn’t have made sense to drag on for 7,8, or 9 seasons, considering the story, but 6 episodes to wrap things up where they left off, that is simply not fair. Plus, there are so many ‘dumb’ shows out there that get renewed without any difficulty, and for such a sturdy script and fabulous action, with the right amount of relationship drama this one offers, Nikita is, indeed, like ‘we like to say in the Mikitaverse’ (Mikita fans), so underrated. But well, what can I do. They delivered a hell of a finale, like the previous two, and I’ll just have to forget all about them and drown my sorrow into the sleep-depriving, mind-wrecking and hopefully sometimes-rewarding life of a grad student in the States. Plus knowing that I got some of my Facebook friends to watch the show, with my constant postings, I feel like I reached for the moon and got it. True, I failed to drag my own sister into this universe, but she’s very hard to convince when it comes to TV shows… or any of my ‘crazy emotional investments’.

And with that, I leave with my two favorite fan-made videos of the show, which means a lot, considering the extensive number of such videos I have ardently and shamelessly watched on YouTube.



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