Nikita – Epic finale

[Spoiler Alert]

TV Show: Nikita

Episode: Season 3, Episode 22, “Till Death Do Us Part”

So this is it. It’s over. Done. Fini. The end. It hurt too much just to think about it, hence this delay.

Just give me a moment to…


And so goes my joy of the week… leaving only the tiny frail of hope that it’s coming back next June-ish for ONLY six episodes. Oh *sigh*.

I had to restrain myself from being on Twitter the whole day Saturday before I was able to watch the episode, because that’s how I got to know of all the spoilers for previous episodes: that Mikita got engaged, that Michael lost his hand, and that Sean died. I was a little bummed every time, but I managed to let it go. But for once, for this time, I didn’t want anything to spoil my Nikita finale.

I was holding my breath the entire time, watching Nikita carry out her ‘final’ mission under the orders of evil Amanda. It was a 40-minute emotional roller coast, as I was relieved to find out Michael could be cured without Nikita having to go through the mission (although, of course, a large part of me knew it wasn’t going to be that easy and simple), miserable to see that tiny hope escape (well, of course…this is ‘Nikita’ after all), heartbroken to hear Michael and Nikita say what could probably be their last ‘I love you’s (Oh god, when will these two ever be happy…), shocked to witness the president shoot herself (Amanda’s pure evil has no boundaries), excited to absorb some good ol’ Nikita solo action, a little nervous to sit useless and insignificant in front of an unconscious Michael (although he was obviously going to wake up,… still… you never know with this show), thrilled and a bit sad to finally face the destruction of Division, reassured to see all of them safe and sound as a family again, ready to go on, teenage-giggly and having an ‘awe’ moment at hearing ‘Till death do us part, right?’ coming from Michael, DEVASTATED and teary-eyed to see Nikita leaving them and Michael discovering the engagement ring left behind, and finally… stunned to see the president alive…

What a contrast from how it started. We should have known. The writers gave us the precious engagement in the very first episode for a reason: where better to start than the happiest place if one wants to take the rest of the season in a turmoil of limb amputation, death, imminent risk on life and break up?


And so once again, Nikita is alone, running away, away from the family she worked so hard to build and protect, her name uncleared, even worse, accused of the sole worst crime in the country. And once again, Michael and Birkhoff will be looking for her, with the exception that this time, she will try her best NOT to be seen or heard.

The finale has left so much potential for so many stories to develop that I’m really anxious six episodes won’t be enough to have a proper, satisfactory ending (and making me mad at CW for not extending the final season for at least 13 episodes, if not 22).

Who is ‘The Group’ (or ‘The Shop’ according to Birkhoff)? How will Nikita hunt down Amanda? What is the Group going to do with the president? Will the president escape? How will Nikita clear her name? How will Michael and the rest track down Nikita? What kind of happy-ending will they have (this is not even a question of ‘will they or won’t they’. They MUST have a happy ending, it’s a question of ‘how’)? I mean, all these questions can’t be answered in 6 episodes!

Nonetheless, even with the dark ominous cloud of ‘Only six episodes for Season 4’ hanging over my head, this was an epic finale, matching the awesomeness it has been displaying throughout this season.

Thank you and see you soon.


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