Game of Thrones – My inner nerd

[Spoiler Alert]

So, I just watched 7 episodes of Game of Thrones in less than two days.

After watching the first episode in April, I kept postponing each episode because watching 40-50 minutes of each episode of GoT is like an hour and a half long of emotional investment. But since all of my Fall 2012 TV shows have had their finale (with the exception of Modern Family, I just realized), I had no more TV show to watch. So I finally decided to brace myself and watch GoT, one at a time, so that I won’t be bored until it is time for the Summer 2013 TV shows to fill my days. Unfortunately, once I started with it, there was no way I could stop. I should have known better.

I have read the books, so I should know what is happening and should be prepared for any surprises, but, surprisingly and fortunately, it is not so. For instance, I was actually shocked at the sight of Jaime’s hand being cut off. Then, there was Theon and the nasty hunting and mind game he was the victim of, and I was utterly appalled when he was brought back to his cell. I already dread the wedding ceremony at the Freys, and have decided to be in mourning ahead.

A short recap of the 8 episodes I have watched so far.

1. While I think there is relatively less implicit sex scenes compared to the first two seasons, it seems that there is much more nudity in this season. What is up with all the naked characters? It’s as if everyone is getting naked at least once in every episode. Not that I have anything against it, but well, too much is just too much.

2. This is the same thing I felt while reading the books, but I’m aghast at the fact that I just can’t grasp Margaery and Melisandei. All the other characters are pretty transparent, they’re either bad or good, naive or cunning. Or there are those that are somewhere in the middle, known to be cruel and without a heart, but able to show their more humane side from time to time and soften your heart. Put it simply, it’s pretty easy to know which ones to like or to hate. But when it comes to Margaery and Melisandei, I’m at loss. What is their deal? I would just like to know once and for all so that I can be emotionally prepared. I don’t want to be siding with Margaery and then suddenly find out that she was the worst bitch of them all, perhaps even worse than Cersei (now, THAT would be horrible).

3. After finding out that Jeyne Stark had been taken out of the picture to be replaced by Talisa Stark, I was a bit disappointed in the HBO version, because when it comes to TV/film adaptation, I’m all for sticking with the original story. But the more I see of Talisa, the more I like her better than Jeyne. Jeyne Stark in the book is described as such a frail and naive girl, it’s hard to feel sympathy for her, although you may feel pity.

4. Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy are my least favorite characters in the book, but god I feel so sorry for them watching them on screen. Seriously, they have the worst fate. Poor poor Sansa and Theon.

5. I used to scoff at those ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ who spoke Klingon (I thought it was spelled ‘cling-on’…) or Elvish. But now I want to learn Valyrian.

6. Daenerys is AWESOME. Along with Arya, she is my favorite character, and although she will face difficulties, I do hope that she will be the one to occupy the Iron Throne at the end, because no one else deserves it more than her. Seriously, have you seen the contenders? Joffrey Baratheon? Well, we all know how he is, and hopefully, he’ll soon be out of the picture for good. Stannis Baratheon? He doesn’t have the guts. Robb Stark? Although I appreciate his loyalty and valor, unfortunately, if they do stick to the book, his days are numbered. Even if he were to live, I think he should just stick to the north. The Greyjoys? Pfft… please. Daenerys is the best candidate. Plus, who is going to defeat her with her three dragons by her side? The ending of Episode 4 was where she was at her strongest. It was truly one of the best moments on TV.

(The best part starts from 2:20)


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