2012 Fall TV Show recap

So… welcome to my ‘hidden’ treasure chest of guilty pleasures for the year 2012-2013.

When people ask what I like doing, watching TV shows is definitely one of the answers. Then they ask me what shows I  watch, and there is no way for me to answer that question that will not make me look like a total obsessive freak. So I just mumble a simple and inaudible ‘Oh, this and that…’ while the list of my shows is actually going through my head, one by one, and in alphabetical order please, since I’m that neurotic and that’s how I have them organized in my humble brain (and my external hard drive).

The only fictitious pride I am left with is that I don’t usually watch shows that most people or most girls would watch, like ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or previously ‘Desperate Housewives’. I mean, yes, I do watch ‘HIMYM’, but well, what can I do, I’m human and no human can escape Barney’s charm.

Every year I try to cut down on some shows (mainly because I can see and hear the ‘Oh geez’ sigh from my wiser younger sister in my head every time I fan girl about some show), and unfortunately (or fortunately?), this year was no exception. Most surprisingly, I managed not to venture into new shows for 2012. That’s a new for me. On the top of my head, I could have well succumbed to the temptation of ‘The Americans’, ‘1600 Penn’ (although cancelled), ‘Arrow’, ‘The New Normal’, and others, but I didn’t. Although, to be honest, I did watch one episode of ‘1600 Penn’ and ‘The New Normal’ each and decided I didn’t like it.

Well, here goes my very own personal no-it’s-not-a-waste-of-time and no-I’m-not-weird recap and thoughts on the Fall 2012 Season. Oh, spoiler alert for some.

1. 2 Broke Girls – Season 2


When I watched the first season of this show in 2011, it was almost a revelation. The witty and humorous racial and sexual jokes had no boundaries and I loved it. It’s been a steady second season, and although it has lost some of the novelty of the first season, I don’t see myself giving it up. I do admit though that it was a shame to see Andy go. Although I was not too keen on him at the beginning, because he just seemed to goofy, he grew on me with time… but then apparently that was the cue for him to go… huh.

2. CSI – Las Vegas – Season 13


The very first CSI never gets old. Proof? It’s been 13 years and I’m addicted to it just as I was the first year, and it’s been renewed for a 14th season. The cast has gone through some major changes, some sad (Grissom and Warrick), some disappointing (Willows), some annoying (the I-don’t-need-you-anymore departure and please-take-me-back come-back of Sarah), some exciting (Greg and Morgan), some boring (Langdon) and some surprisingly pleasant (D.B. Russell), but all in all, everything’s been steady. The addition of Ted Danson in 2011 was a surprise and I was a bit dubious about it, but his unique character as head CSI, more relaxed than any other, including Miami and New York’s, is a fun change. I just wish they would make up their mind about Morgan and have her start something with Greg, and NOT Hodges. They’ve been hinting at some mutual attraction between Morgan and Greg ever since Morgan joined the cast, but CSI Las Vegas not being too keen on relationships like Miami and New York (except Sarah and Grissom, and that was a bad move), I respected their neutral position. But Morgan and Hodges? No no. Way too weird. Morgan and Greg look so good together, and it’s about time my lovely geek Greg got some action besides the field and his nerdy obsession on Las Vegas history. The season 13 ended in a cliffhanger and I can’t wait for the next season!

3. CSI – New York – Season 9


Ah… I feel so bad for CSI New York. Ever since the second season, it was actually my favorite CSI, but somewhere between season 7 and 8, it began losing its charm… and finally got cancelled. After having three finales in a row where there was clearly a hint that the writers and producers weren’t sure the show would be renewed, it finally got the terrible cut. And I’m sorry to say, but I think it was time. I decided not to watch it anymore in the middle of season 9, but then I learned that Lindsy would be having a second baby, so of course I had to watch Danny’s reaction. Then, I learned that Josh Groban would be making a guest appearance, so eventually, I ended up watching the whole season (which was shortened). I personally think Mac was just too intense, man. Always so serious and … well, intense… and it was as if the whole show revolved around him for too many episodes.

I was really into the whole ‘Dantana/Dinsy’ shipping for a while, and they had a good run, so thank you CSI -NY, and farewell.

4. Downton Abbey – Season 3


Downton, Downton… why, oh why? I absolutely loved Season 1 and 2, and then was absolutely devastated with Season 3. I still haven’t watched the finale, the Christmas episode, because I still don’t have the heart to watch Matthew’s death. I know that the writers/producers couldn’t do anything else, since it was the actor Dan Stevens who decided to leave (why oh why?), but if they knew, they could have at least kept Sybil alive. I cried like a baby for that death and I just can’t go through the same emotional turmoil for Matthew. With my two couples gone like that, I don’t see the point of watching the next seasons.


5. Glee – Season 4


Honestly, this was one of the shows that would have gotten my personal ‘ax’ the beginning of this season, because, despite the tremendously talented singing of everyone, the story line was just… out of control. But good-looking Jake (who was another of my celeb guest appearance in one of my recent dreams) and pretty Marley kept me. I mean, look at this. How can you resist their adorable-ness?

But since Glee fortunately uploads all of their musical performances on YouTube, and I often fast forward anyways when I’m actually watching the episodes, I decided ‘no more Glee for next year’.

6. Go On – Season 1

Go On - Season 1

Honestly, if it weren’t for Matthew Perry (and a little bit for John Cho), I don’t think I would be sticking to this show. Yes, it’s fun, but it’s not ‘Matthew-Perry-Chandler fun’. I guess this must be frustrating for Mr. Perry, to always be known and remembered as Chandler, but what can I say… he IS Chandler. Plus, they (I) made such a big deal with the whole ‘Mondler reunion’, it was actually a bit disappointing. But out of my loyalty to Matthew Perry, I will stick to it.

UPDATE 5/31 – Oh my God… Go On has actually been cancelled. I didn’t know. Poor poor Matthew… nothing seems to last for him ever since Friends… 😦 I’m so sad.

7. Happy Endings – Season 3


The first season was fun, but somewhere in the second season, these 6 friends got out of control and every episode was a disorganized rumble of exaggerated are-you-kidding-me scenes it became a bit hard to watch. I mean, yes, it’s TV, and things are not supposed to be real, but I still feel uncomfortable when it’s too detached from reality (which is why I stopped watching ‘New Girl’ after a few episodes) and the characters are… jumping everywhere, screaming everything, inventing new words and going to great lengths to ‘make their catch-phrases’ and ‘their thing’, which are forgotten as soon as the episode ends. I know it’s unfair to shows when I do this, but I always tend to compare comedy shows to ‘Friends’, my ‘go-to reference in the world of TV’, and well, I really feel these shows could learn a thing or two from the awesome Friends. Or at least Scrubs or Frasier. Now, these are ‘good’ TV shows you can watch over and over again.

Anyways, ABC cancelled it, and USA picked it up, and I’m happy for the actors, but one less fan.

8. Homeland – Season 2


This second season has been way too intense, even for Brody and Carrie. And with their finale, I have no idea how they will pull off the third season. The first season provided such a fresh perspective (especially when one knows that the show is American) in terms of the whole issue on terrorism, but… then, it was all over and got typically American for the second season. I guess it was just a matter of time. I’m not sure if I’ll be motivated enough to watch the next season.

9. How I Met Your Mother – Season 8


This is one of the shows that makes you realize there’s an end for everything and too much is just… too much. I mean, 8 years to find out the mother, the constant ‘Ted still loves Robin’ or ‘Robin may still have feelings for Ted’ or ‘I’m Ted, I’m sentimental and romantic and no girl wants me boo-hoo’ or ‘I’m Ted and I stupidly keep believing in stupid signs and stupid destiny’ … enough is enough. The show was so good when it started, I was so excited to see Robin and Barney start a relationship, they may have been ‘the coolest couple’ on TV, and then… it was downhill from there. Just like ‘Happy Endings’, I feel like comedy shows today ‘try too hard’. The situations the characters find themselves in are exaggerated, they use an incredible number of useless props that just crowd our TV screens and everything is all over the place. Anyways, I was glad to finally see the mother in this finale, but, had it been 2-3 years earlier, I would have been like ‘OMG! The mother!’, whereas now, I’m just ‘Ok, big deal, let’s move on.’

10. Modern Family – Season 4


I’ve never been a hard-core fan of Modern Family, but it’s a fairly decent show, something I like to have as a background… and I’m keeping it… just out of habit.

11. Nikita – Season 3


Oh, Nikita Nikita, where do I start? You’re too dear to my heart to be ‘just one’ among 15 TV shows (I just realized I’ve been watching 15 TV shows… geez… no wonder my sister and mother roll their eyes at me…), so I’ll make a special post just for you.

12. Once Upon A Time – Season 2


This got way too weird and way too cheesy for my taste. I love Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas and they make a hell of a couple, both on and off screen, but… now that I know Snow and Charming are finally together and that no matter what, things will just get weirder, this seems like a huge waste of my energy (yes, energy, not time).

13. The Big Bang Theory – Season 5


Steadily funny. The one show I would actually compare to the ‘good old comedy shows’ from back then. And I mean, Howard’s (Simon Helberg) impersonations in Episode 23… was simply… fabulous.

14. The Good Wife – Season 4

The Good Wife S4 iTunes

Steady show, always the thrill and suspense in and out of the courtrooms, awesome guest stars, but truly, the love triangle is just overdone. Let the Florricks be happy and let Will find a new woman (if he really has to be with someone). The return of Kalinda’s estranged husband Nick and the lack of Cary’s involvement for the first half of the season were disappointing, but in this season more than ever, I think, we’ve seen the characters struggle with the power they could have on the one hand and remaining true to themselves on the other, which I especially enjoyed watching and appreciated. There was some insinuated out-of-office get-together between Cary and Kalinda, which was just the amount of appropriate ‘action’ for both of these characters. I hope that they keep up with it, and not have some Cary-Robyn (Robyn was, by the way, another surprisingly pleasant addition to the cast, and will remain so as long as she keeps herself away from Cary) relationship or Kalinda-someone else, which is what I recently read on TVLine *sigh*. But I can’t wait to see how the writers will proceed with the new Agos&Florrick&Associates for next season.

15. The Mentalist – Season 5


I got too bored. I don’t care who Red John is anymore. The moment between Van Pelt and Rigsby has passed (although I heard they did get back together, but I’m already past that stage, and I’ll probably find it on YouTube – thank god for YouTube – so whatever). Although Jane is charming and Cho’s faceless expressions and emotionless comments are priceless, it’s become too…bleh… can’t find another word…and can’t even bother to.


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