Nikita – No happiness for the hero

[Spoiler Alert]

TV Show: Nikita

Episode: Season 3, Episode 21, “Invisible Hand”

Oh gawd, is happiness too much to ask for our finest hero? It’s like every time Nikita or Division gets one step forward, they have to take 10 leaps backwards to pay the price for their little smiles and victories. I don’t even have the energy to write a decent review, because this episode has drained me of any hope. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like what the writers are doing, they are actually doing a fantastic job keeping us on the tip toe. In fact, they’re doing a too good of a job… I want to tell them ‘It’s OK, guys, you can take a break…and let our Nikita take a break too’… but I guess they’re just too devoted to their job. *sigh*

This going back and forth has been the theme of this season, I feel. Yet, the season started in such a fine, lovely mode.

Michael gave the sweetest and most romantic, and totally unexpected proposal, and then, bam! He lost his hand.

Sean and Alex finally had a hot sex scene, and Sean was getting comfortable with staying at Division, and then, bam! Sean died.

Ryan was so confident that he could make Division finish off what it started, clean up all the mess, and give a happy ending to all the Division agents. All they had to do was get rid of or hopefully, convince the ‘Dirty 30’ to come back, and it would have been all over. Instead, nearly all of the rogue agents they tried to approach died, with just Cyrus coming back ‘to the good side’. Division became a mess, there was havoc, and then bam! Ryan was shot, by none other than Alex, and the Navy Seals nearly killed them all.

Owen became part of Division, carrying out missions with Nikita, and despite his hot temperament and awkward attitude, he was becoming a valuable asset and friend, and then, bam! He turned into nasty Sam.

And now this… god, I should have known that Michael’s hand would be coming with a price. The moment Amanda said ‘carbon fiber bone’, I was like ‘Noooooooooo’. Pretty much like the meme in the link underneath.

Oh Amanda… Percy and Ari were NOTHING compared to you. They were plain, normal villains. But you, Amanda, are setting the bar HIGH for all the villains in TV shows. Nobody will ever equal your patience, your obsession and your deviousness. You have always taken Nikita’s ‘betrayal’ dear to your heart (which I was surprised actually existed – Season 2, Episode 18), because she was your ‘most perfect creation’, a project you had given everything into, a result that turned out even better than your expectations. She was the perfect assassin, with the looks, the grace and the skills, but more than that, she was YOUR project, YOUR assassin. She was what you made her and all you were left with in the end was betrayal.

Percy’s target had never been Nikita per se, she was simply a nuisance to his plans to run Division the way he wanted to. His final goal was to keep Division the powerful invisible organization, with the necessary funds. Had Nikita given up and disappeared, he would have said ‘Good riddance’ and would have nonchalantly carried on with his work. But for Amanda, the target ‘is and always has been Nikita’. With Division gone and Gogol as well, all she has left is Nikita. And she sure knows that the best way to ruin her is to ruin those she loves, hence Michael and his hand coming into the picture.

And so Nikita is left…alone, again, just like when it all started. She is the only one who can carry this ‘last mission’, and she has to do it alone.


I know already that the writers have planned and shot a cliffhanger finale, teasing the fandom weeks before, with the title ‘Till Death Do Us Part’; and this picture and this preview for the finale bring no comfort whatsoever as to the fate of my favorite couple. I can only hope that they don’t kill off Michael and that when the series end next season, Nikita and Michael, along with Alex, Birkhoff, Ryan, Sonya, and yes, even Owen/Sam, will finally have a taste at a long-lasting happiness.

Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part


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