Glee – Rachel/Lea Michele

I’m officially giving up Glee, trying to cut back on my ‘what I consider perfectly normal but what others may see as obsessive and deranged‘ TV show frenzy. I find comfort though in the fact that Fox uploads all the singing performances on Youtube, so at least I have that. Anyways, the finale of Glee was aired this week and among the different performances, I just had to dedicate a post to Lea Michele, aka Rachel Berry.

Lea Michele has always been a great -if not the greatest- singer in Glee (and I guess everywhere else). Although she has the ability to make every song an amazing performance that makes you forget about the original singer, I don’t think anything equals her renditions of Celine Dion’s songs. Her voice and presence are so powerful enough to bring tears to your eyes and thrills.

The classic Celine Dion “It’s all coming back to me now” in Season 3 was like a ‘revelation’, and “To love you more” for this season only further reaffirmed my infatuation.



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