The Good Wife – Realism VS Idealism

[Spoiler Alert]

TV Show: The Good Wife

Episode: Season 4, Episode 20, “Rape: A Modern Perspective”

1. Where do you draw the line between realism and idealism? How do you choose one side without offending the other? How does one get out ‘un-hurt’ or ‘less hurt’ from the inescapable confrontation? Or is that even possible?

Last week’s episode on ‘The Good Wife’ explores the conflict and dilemma we are so often faced in our everyday lives and successfully depicts a satisfactory compromise between the two. Successfully I say, because it is, after all, a TV show, and well, the ‘good’ has to win over ‘the bad’ (most of the times). However, this successful depiction is the very reason this episode has left me unsatisfied and skeptic, doubting whether this is what would have indeed happened in reality, or even if it would be preferable to do so.

The case on the rape of Rainy is blown into proportions fitting the era of social networking and technology we live in, despite the specific gag order from the judge. Long story short, Rainy’s accused rapist is convicted of his crime, but I do wonder, at what price? Sure, the combined efforts and contribution from Anonymous and their notorious hacking skills were impressive and could perhaps be ‘justified’, considering the unfair and strategically negative position the victim, Rainy, was in. But where and how do you draw the line between ‘fighting for justice’ and ‘mob justice’ shadowing over a clear invasion of private lives, even though that private life concerns a despicable rapist? Without the valuable video of the interrogation at the police that could not be used in court, the case would definitely have been delayed, and Rainy would have been the only one to suffer the consequences, behind bars, all thanks to Anonymous and their ‘help’. Yes, the system is not always (never?) on the side of the righteous, and yes, it is frustrating and if one had the skills of the members of Anonymous, one might be tempted to do something about it, escaping the radar of the system already in place. But the moment you choose to cross that line, you also cross so many other lines it becomes hard to keep up. Divulging home addresses and leaving justice into the hands of anyone within reach of the internet cannot and should not always be the right answers.

At the risk of prematurely touching a sensitive subject, the tragic incident at the Boston Marathon is one, very real, example. While SNS may have been acclaimed for the numerous messages of support across borders, the speedy help for blood donation, and the ability of keeping the people informed of the progress of the events, it is noteworthy that the other side of the coin can also lead to unnecessary victims of misinformation and ‘mob justice’. Technology has become extremely helpful today, to a point that it is unimaginable to even fathom the idea of certain things being accomplished without it, but a powerful tool needs to be used just as carefully. Yes, in the end, having an internet platform to post police evidence that could not be properly and legally used in a court is what saved the case in this episode of ‘The Good Wife’, but there is always that risky question we have to ask ourselves. What if they hadn’t had that luck?

2. What is the price of authority and power? Is it worth paying it? With Diane being considered as the Supreme Court Justice, the number and extent of sacrifices she has to indulge, both personally and professionally, seem on the verge of crossing that border we call ‘too much’. Yet, you do wonder, if you were a woman with the ambition and skills Diane has, wouldn’t you also consider the advantages these sacrifices will bring and try to turn your eye from the losses and hurts you are likely to inflict on others? Although I personally would like to see Diane at Lockhart and Gardener, the choices she has to make are quite real and I foolishly and arrogantly imagine ‘The Good Wife’ lays in front of me decisions I myself might have to make one day. (Not that I will ever be considered as Supreme Court Justice, OBVIOUSLY, but well, who’s to say I won’t have to choose between prestige, power on the one hand and love, personal belief on the other? Dream big, right? Although, yes, the best would be that I would gain all four, but well, we know that life is never THAT good).

And on another note, could Alicia PLEASE decide to go with Peter already? Will is clearly not the right choice, they work together, and just have too much history and unspoken feelings for such a long time to allow for a stable long-term relationship. And Peter is clearly redeemed and has proven he IS a changed man. Please, Alicia, choose Peter!!!


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