Nikita – Not everyone can be saved

[Spoiler Alert]

TV Show: Nikita

Episode: Season 3, Episode 18, “Broken Home”

OK, let me start by shaking off my wrath at this episode and just put it out there right away:


Just because you kill off (beloved) characters and want to ‘shock’ the viewers does NOT make a good episode or a good show. The show was awesome as it already was, with all the main characters where they are supposed to be. I don’t know since when this has become a trend, but 10, 20 years ago, the writers didn’t use to kill off characters just for the sake/fun of killing them. Sure, there are shows like 24, but that’s another story. I can’t tell you exactly why, but it just is. A good thriller could go on for a couple of seasons without having to pull the trigger at every new character coming on screen, just as us viewers were starting to grow fond of him/her. Yes, sure, it’s a spy show, so obviously, not everyone can make it alive. But plenty of Division agents were dropping like flies in every damn mission and I thought that was enough death for an organization that is already on the verge of a meltdown. Plus Sean Pierce was such a strong character and had come a long, secure yet challenging path to come where he is now. The writers at Nikita just can’t allow the fans to be happy and take a breath. Just when they’re about to form a happy, nice family, somebody has to go rogue, become a victim of Amanda’s manipulations, or plainly, meet all the others in the grave. Argh. I know I’m being totally irrational and immature, but the TV-show-lover teenager inside me just can’t handle this much pressure. I would have sent out tweets full of hatred to everyone involved in Nikita for this move, but well, I’m not 15 anymore and I know deep inside that they would also, as people, get hurt for all the negative criticism for (what they think is) their hard work (and they should!). So I just sent out three tweets full of not hatred, but disbelief and sadness. That should do… for now… until they bring another unforgivable and unwarranted death of a major character.

And did you think of poor Alex who is never going to be able to love again? I mean, first, she is the one who pulls the trigger at Thom, making her ‘official first kill’. Then, despite her efforts to protect and ‘keep’ Nathan, he disappears in the blues too. And now this. She causes this mayhem and because of her, Sean becomes collateral damage. Yes, sure, the Navy seal lasted two long seasons, compared to Alex’s former ‘flames’, who barely lasted one, but that is no excuse. That poor girl will be scarred for life. The moment she opens up to a guy, she also opens up wide open the doors to their own doom. Plus Sean was my favorite one among the three. (And please oh please do NOT bring any ‘Olex’ nonsense in the next season just because Owen/Sam is the only guy left now).

I mean, just look at this scene. It is ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING.

(The ONLY good thing the writers did for this story was letting Alex and Sean have one final, private moment, instead of making it a ‘big messy deal’ with all the others around. But that is NO consolation).

Okay, I’m done with my ranting. Besides this tragic and I-will-never-forgive-you moment, Amanda’s storyline was, I have to admit, remarkable. The show has always had a major focus on the background of the characters, especially the female ones. We’ve seen glimpses and flashbacks into Nikita’s, interesting trips down to memory lane into Alex’s, and finally, now we know what ‘made’ Amanda. That’s the thing with this show, you just can’t hate it, even after a major disappointment. They make even the ‘bad guys’ look ‘good’ and ‘sympathetic’ sometimes and you know that you will mourn their potential deaths. Amanda is the most evil out of Percy or Ari, but that doesn’t make us less compassionate towards her. And I think it’s fair to say that for some time now, the viewers have begun to see the similarities and parallel between Amanda and Nikita, no matter how much Nikita denies it.

In a way, Nikita and the other recruits were ways for Amanda to redeem herself, to ‘make’ someone better than herself or her sister, to provide them with the courage she never had. I guess with no one to gather the broken pieces of her own self, she was convinced that by ‘mending’ others, she was giving them something she herself never had the luxury of having. Unfortunately, you can’t just ‘make’ people the way you want them to.

The same goes for Nikita. Alex was to be proof that she was something else than the killer Division had created and which she had identified herself with for a long time. She was her redemption, a way  to right the wrongs she did in Division. And just as Amanda failed to ‘fix’ Nikita, she too, failed to ‘fix’ Alex. No matter how ‘good’ your intentions may be, unfortunately, ‘not everyone can be saved’, not the way you want them to, anyways, and certainly not at Division.

So yes, this is why I’m still rooting for a Season 4 of Nikita, because I know, once this fury passes, that the show has more to offer than horrible deaths. I just hope that Nikita, Michael, Alex and Birkhoff will be spared. I care enough for Ryan, Owen/Sam or Sonya, but if the show JUST HAS to make more sacrifices, let them be among those last three.

And this is a fun recap of the episode in memes 🙂

By the way, who else thought that Sam pulls of sarcasm awfully well?


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