Sudden flashback

Spring 2003.

First time being surrounded by a large group of Korean kids in 14 years (well, basically, first time in my life), people I’m supposed to be friends with for the next four years (or more), and thus learn their names and match them with the right faces.

I might not have had this specific thought then, but looking back, I think I felt like the stupid white kid going,

“Asians all look the same”

I had such a hard time distinguishing one kid from the other. And the difficult names they all had!

I still remember the look some gave me when I said that A totally looked like B, and that it was very confusing to me.

A look that might have said “Girl, you need new glasses”.

Yup, Asians all look alike. What’s the use of making it into People’s magazine if it’s some other Asian guy that’s going to represent you?


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