Nikita – The life we’ve chosen

[Spoiler Alert]

TV Show: Nikita

Episode: Season 3, Episode 14, “The Life We’ve Chosen”

Writing about something you passionately like is much more difficult than I thought. I naturally assumed these posts would be writing by themselves. But I find myself actually taking notes while watching my favorite TV shows (could I be more of a nerd?) and then relentlessly thinking how I could write a decent review, going through other reviews printed on internet magazines and so forth.

The last episode of Nikita revealed a very dark future for both the characters and Division as an organization.

# Nikita and Alex – a second drift

One of the numerous things I was proud of in Nikita was the fact that unlike other TV shows, the girls get along fine and share an intimate bond of friendship and mentor/mentee relationship, and it is the guys that are always at each other’s throats. As opposed to how girls are often portrayed, as jealous of each other, on TV and alas in real life, what Nikita and Alex had was refreshing.

Unfortunately, this bond too is about to go through a rough patch.

Granted, this won’t be the first time Alex drifts away from Nikita, the end of Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 was all about Alex going her own way. But she eventually found the ‘right way home’. This time however, she has no other specific objective to pursue that could make as an excuse for her drift. This is her, Alex, and not Alexandra Udinov – the heiress looking for vengeance for her father’s murder– questioning Nikita’s ability as a leader, as a fellow Division agent, and worst, as a friend. Nikita “didn’t have her back” and Alex realizes that “she always has a mission, her mission”, which may come in the way of what others want.

Kudos, Amanda, for the job. You have to grant her that. Amanda always knew which buttons to push and she pulled this off, once again, in a very fine manner too. She first made her move to Nikita in the previous episode (Episode 13, “Reunion”) by warning her that “like everything else you love, she (Alex) will turn against you “. And in this one, it was time to put that little ember of doubt in Alex and just watch it take flame. “What you want and what Nikita wants will come into conflict”, Amanda warns.

I don’t blame Nikita, nor Alex. After all, like Ari so accurately put it, it’s “the life they’ve chosen” and these are “the rules of the game”. You have to make certain decisions and certain sacrifices to survive in that world, and to focus on one clear goal. For Nikita, that one thing is “not to lose herself” in this mess that keeps getting bigger and bigger. And the one thing she thinks that separates her from Amanda, the one thing that will allow ‘not to lose herself’ is not becoming the one to make the decision on other people’s lives, especially Amanda’s victims. Even if that person may be Ari, once her enemy.

Unfortunately, the same does not go for Alex. Her goal in the first place was taking vengeance on her family, and she accomplished that a long time ago. She doesn’t have the same mixed feelings for Division as Nikita does. Nikita may hate Division and wants to see it destroyed, but it’s still where she grew up, lived and loved. None of that applies to Alex. True, she didn’t bother thinking why she was pursuing the same mission, because she assumed that she was ‘part of something bigger’, but now Amanda gives her a reason to do so.

While no one suspects the changes Alex has gone through while she was kidnapped by Amanda, saying that she’s “the same old Alex” or complimenting on how they “really do make a good team”, Nikita and Alex are both fully aware that something essential has changed between them.

Although I don’t mind a certain tension between the main characters, since this is what Nikita is all about, I do hope that the ‘Nalex’ dynamic will soon come back.

# Division – playing by the rules of the game

Now, can we stop for a moment and be concerned about what Ryan did? Remember when he and Nikita were joking about how Percy had nothing on him, that he was evil to the core? Well, apparently, someone was not joking, and yes, that someone is Ryan. Placing the kill chip in Ari, not discussing it with anyone but Owen, an ex-cleaner, and being willing to kill one of Amanda’s victims to ‘protect Division’… well, this is how it all begins. Ryan sure knows how to fit in Percy’s chair and play his role, making the tough calls and justifying them for a ‘bigger cause’. He did get a hold of how to ‘play by the rules of the game’. Well, no one said it would be easy taking over Division…

# RIP Ari Tasarov

And another villain meets his tragic end in this TV show. And it is another villain I will miss, just like Percy. Ah, Percy, every time I re-watch Season 1 and 2, I realize what a good ‘bad guy’ he was and how much I miss him. Ari didn’t have a presence as noticeable as Percy, but in the last two episodes, he’s shown that he was more than a simple villain.

He showed his genuine care and love for his son, he knew he was going to die and didn’t try to fight it, rendering himself to his fate, and managed to save the black box the very last minute, ironically being the one that ‘saved the country’.

Ah, you will be missed, Peter Outerbridge.


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