Nikita – There is no forever in this business.

[Spoiler Alert]

TV Show: Nikita

Episode: Season 3, Episode 12, “With Fire”

Nikita this season has been a-mah-zing. Every week, they come up with a preview and a peek at the next episode and I just can’t wait for it to air. And when it does air, it’s everything I was expecting, with the never-ending suspense. This episode was no exception.

My favorite part was that we could see the essence of each character, what makes each character who they are, what we have been observing from the beginning, but that might have gotten lost along the way with all the action going on. It’s as if the writers were telling us that everyone is still who they are despite the changes, and it is as who they are that they best face the situation they are in.

Nikita, the ever so stubborn leader, takes matters in hand and pulls the ugly and evil side she manages to keep buried inside (as we have seen in Season 2, Episode 19, “Wrath”), because innocent lives are taken away in sacrifice of Amanda’s evil scheme. It’s evidently not a role she gladly assumes, but when she has to, she will.

Michael, the more reasonable and cool-headed of the two, is worried about how far she might go, like the wise supervisor he used to be.Thank god those two made up somehow… it was nice to see the old caring Michael with that ‘I love you so much’ look he gives Nikita *oh sigh*. The good cop/bad cop trick he played with Nikita with the code word ‘Sierra Leone’ was a nice touch, and the fact that they didn’t even have to talk or plan it in advance makes it even more amazing, allowing the viewers to have a glimpse at how well those two pair in missions. (Did you notice the ‘Done and done’ answer Nikita gave to Michael at the end? How Michael had answered the same thing back in Season 2, Episode 3, “Knightfall”? Oh these writers know how to play with the fans!)

Yes, this look. Awwww

Sean, stuck in Division once again, is the stubborn and frustrated newbie he was in the beginning of Season 2. Remember how he used to nag Alex about how revenge should not be her only drive? Well, now, he has a new obsession, and it’s the butterfly tattoo on her back. That guy just won’t let things go. Don’t mistake me, I do love the guy, but I remember how frustrated I was back in Season 2, when he was first introduced and was following Alex all the time, reminding her that she had a bigger fish to catch than just the revenge of her father and so on. Despite the obsession, he manages to step in when most needed, like the trustworthy Navy Seal his mother saw in the first place to put him in Division.

Alex, dear old Alex, the faithful student to her teacher, ready to be in action, calm and brave, with that crack in her wall, barely visible but there, and this time, it’s Owen who gets to peek inside it…at Sean’s disappointment. Owen, who, by the way, is the ‘designated third wheel’, needs to stop threatening the guys with his charm to their girls! 😉

Finally, it was ‘good’ to see the manipulative Amanda back in action (and not just over the phone. I honestly enjoyed how she ‘won’ in the last episode, it was genius how she planned everything and didn’t let any mistakes in her plan. The bad guys need to have a few wins from time to time to get the suspense and thrill going). She is a natural when it comes to finding the right people to manipulate to her own goals, all the while pretending she is actually helping their cause. The way she was sitting on that couch, convincing and then, eventually threatening the leader of the Crimson Resistance, reminded me of how she used to rule in her little white room back at Division, appearing ever so calm, peaceful and graceful, but being what she is best, a devious puppet master to everyone around her.

With Division being unable to escape from what it was at the beginning, with Percy, the tool of the US government for kill missions, this episode was even more ominous, for not only the organization, but also for the people inside. The disturbing fact that Nikita used the old torture room, a favorite of Amanda’s, the words right on point spoken by Ari to the couple ‘There is no forever in this business’, the sad fact that it took someone from the outside, Ari above all, for Michael and Nikita to finally take the next step in their relationship, and finally, the cherry on top of the cake, the ominous blood drop on the map right where Michael had planned their wedding, all these signs can only be a presage for darker days to come for Division. And…I’m so excited about it!


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