“I lived in Africa…”

and the stupid things Koreans say when I tell them that…

I shouldn’t be telling them I lived in ‘Africa’ in the first place. Nobody says “I lived in Europe” when they lived in France or Switzerland, nobody says “I lived in South America” when they could just say “I lived in Paraguay”. I should just say “I lived in Mauritania” and watch them in horror as they frankly tell me they don’t know where that is.

With time, the number of people I have to say this has reduced, since I don’t really meet new people, but also, it seems that I meet less stupid people (thank god, Evolution does seem to exist), because it’s been a long time since I’ve heard their dumb comments.

  1. “Do you speak African?” – Well, yes, of course, just as much as you speak Asian. 
  2. “Wow, so you lived with lions and giraffes?” – Sure, guess who my best bud was? Tarzan! Yes, I was called Jane there you know.
  3. “So… you lived with black people? You weren’t scared of them?” – I think I’m a little bit scared of you now, and even more scared of how prejudiced and close-minded and stupid you can be. 
  4. “Did you have shoes and clothes?” – Nope, we were all stark naked every time. We went to the bank naked and barefoot, and we went to the supermarket the same way. Yup.
  5. “So you speak African French, right? Not the REAL French…” – I don’t know why but this question always sounds so … condescending… well, I speak it better than you, for one thing. And if you’re thinking in the lines of ‘English with an Indian accent’, no. But maybe ‘English in Texas’…maybe… if I really HAD to make a comparison for your simple mind to understand better. 

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