The Good Wife – Stop dressing as a peasant

[Spoiler Alert]

TV Show: The Good Wife

Episode: Season 4, Episode 15, “Going for the Gold”

I don’t know why the ratings for this amazing show keep dropping. True, the useless appearance of Kalinda’s husband at the beginning was a bummer, but ever since he’s been gone, I think the show has managed to go back to its well-known and celebrated fame and strength story-wise it had at the beginning.

This episode and the previous one have especially shown what ambition and the struggle for power can do to characters we always assumed the best of, like Alicia. And on the other hand, we have seen characters who have so far appeared as cunning and manipulative, or smart and ambitious, depending on how you see them, having more compassion and ‘feelings’ than they had let us know, mainly Mrs. Florrick and Eli Gold. Plus, Carrie Preston delivering her interpretation of goofy red-haired attorney Elsbeth Tascioni is always such a delight. I love that woman more and more every time she makes an appearance!

Attorney Elsbeth Tascioni, by actress Carrie Preston

The main topic of this episode was how Tascioni succeeded in getting Eli Gold out of the whole mess of law suits he was facing with the Department of Justice, but I was more interested in how Alicia had to endure and endorse the changes and responsibilities that her new position as Equity Partner at the firm entailed.

She is put in a delicate situation, since she was siding with the associates against Diane and Will in the previous episode, but decided to take the offer of equity partner when she was given the chance. Still, she wants to remain the ‘good guy’, ‘management’ in name, but ‘associate’ at heart, the one who understands the ordeals the associates have to go through, especially since her move might have been perceived as a ‘betrayal’, albeit a smart career move. So she decides to take on the cuts in her own billable hours, instead of the associates’, like Diane suggested, whereupon Diane cuts to the point and advises her ‘to stop dressing as a peasant’ and ‘not to pretend to be an associate anymore’.

Alicia Florrick, new equity partner, with new responsibilities

So, yes, even Alicia makes the change to becoming the ‘mean partner’, because that is apparently what being in management means. The higher you get on that social ladder, the meaner and the more fearful you have to be to those still struggling underneath you. Better be feared than to be loved, says Machiavelli in “The Prince”, and I guess his words still stand high in the “How to be a good boss” guidebook in contemporary times. I always thought that was a load of crap, that you could stay a nice and beloved leader, but reality seems to contradict my hopes and burst my bubble every time, even in TV shows, where things are supposed to be a little bit more ‘bubbly’ than the real world.

On a side note, Amanda Peet, make your move on Will so that Alicia can finally be with Peter once and for all! Team Peter!


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