A great start off

Today is starting off GREAT. (No, I didn’t get any grad school admission. I’ve given up on that now *sigh*)

But look at what I woke up to:

Roman Krznaric's reply to my Tweet

Roman Krznaric’s reply to my Tweet

YES, Roman Krznaric himself replied to my blog post commenting on his lecture on Empathy. I know, I’ve already re-tweeted his reply, which automatically led to not only a thread on my Twitter account but also on my Facebook wall because I’ve linked my two accounts. This whole new post on WordPress might be pushing a bit too far, but I’ve been waking up to rejection emails every morning (it seems) for the past week (and sometimes two at a time) and this is one of those happy and grateful moments of the week I decided I would work on, but which has obviously been very hard to. So yeah, I feel like this is a well-deserved boasting, so deal with it (pretty please~?)

This response was really a surprise, I did not expect this at all, how could I, when I simply tweeted my blog post without any hashtag or without even knowing Mr. Krznaric was on Twitter? So I re-read what I had written and this part bothers me a little:

Actually, I’m more impressed with how the illustrator has managed to draw so intricately yet so simply, than the actual lecture philosopher Roman Krznaric is sharing with us.”

I feel like I should have added something like

Not that I’m not impressed by Roman Krznaric’s message, it’s just that I have a profound admiration for people who can draw so well, because even my doodles are pathetic.I have TREMENDOUS respect for the core message of course.

Or I feel like I should retweet Mr. Krznaric, telling him that I’m still just as impressed with his lecture as the animation, that he’s the greatest guy on earth, the coolest philosopher, and so forth. But well, that would appear needy and would make things awkward for this brand new awesome bond. So I’m going to be cool and stick to what I previously wrote.

But from now on, I guess I’ll pay more attention to what I write online…


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