Evolution of Mom Dancing

This is the coolest Youtube video of today. I’m saying ‘today’, because, let’s face it, I watch tons of Youtube videos everyday, and everyday I discover something cool. So I can’t expand the pool of comparisons beyond ‘today’s videos’.

It’s cool because well, first, it’s Jimmy Fallon. And then, there’s Michelle Obama. And finally, it’s Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama together. Just when you think it can’t get any better, they are DANCING. Can it get any cooler? Seriously?

I can find a fair amount of criticism towards American politics, but when it comes to how the most powerful person and his wife in that country are represented and being perceived by the rest of the population, I am always at awe. Videos like this one, or pictures like this one are delightful, yes, but also quite surprising (in a good way) because of the simple casualty the president and the first lady bring in.

A tweet and a picture from the official Obama Twitter account, on the night of the oscars

A tweet and a picture from the official Obama Twitter account, on the night of the Oscars

I mean, can you picture these two doing anything of the sort?

(Now former) Korean president Lee Myung-bak and the first lady, Kim Yun-Ok.

And even if they did, I bet it would be something very dull, far from being creative, like doing the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance, which of course, hasn’t been done over and over by the rest of the world. Also, I don’t think the rest of the population would perceive it as ‘fun’ and ‘down-to-earth’, they would lash here and there about how indecent it is, as a ‘President’ and ‘First Lady’ of a country to ‘humiliate’ and ‘debase’ himself/herself like that in front of everyone to see. And I agree. I would probably be among those who would snort at his degrading efforts to ‘communicate’ with the people he claims to be the leader of.

What about the first family from other countries? Would I or the French be comfortable seeing Sarkozy or Hollande or their wife/partner pull off something like this? I can’t say.

So what is it that makes the US different? Sure, the fact that Michelle Obama seems to be pretty comfortable in her act, and that she sure has some moves, makes everything easier. That she was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and on the Ellen show also works to her advantage. But no matter how corny I sound, there really seems to be something fundamentally ‘American’ beneath all this, making this possible. This ‘American-ness’ may push some people to put blind faith in what they think patriotic values are and support the so-called ‘war against terrorism’ or have whole cities rejoice publicly at the death of Osama Bin Laden or turn a blind eye to torture.

But on the other hand, it allows people to think of the president as Mr. Everyone, someone not so different from the average American, who can dance on TV if it pleases him, someone they can make fun of at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner when he is sitting RIGHT THERE.

Moments like these make me realize what a ‘free’ country the US indeed is.


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