Saying goodbye to 2012

To be honest, 2012 hasn’t really been the greatest year for me. Yet when it started, I remember being a little thrilled at the number, and wished for a few good things to happen. I don’t know, ‘2012’…it just looks and sounds like it should have been a great year. So I’m not too sad to say goodbye to 2012 and hope that the new year, 2013, will bring better tidings and joy, despite the presence of the number 13 in it (no, I’m not superstitious, but 13 just doesn’t have a good ring to it. Oh wait, is that being ‘superstitious’?).
Yet, it’s true, 2012 leaves me with some valuable lessons, ones that I hope I will remember as time goes by, but I’m pretty sure I won’t, so I’ll leave them on writings.

* In 2012, I’ve learned that I wasn’t so great, that I had my limits and faults, that while I still may be destined for great things (haha), it may take more time and effort than I had expected. Not being accepted to any of the six graduate schools was a great disappointment, obviously, but I would like to think that I’ve gotten to know myself a bit better. And yes, even after 27 years, there are still things you learn about yourself. I’ve learned that I’ve often seen myself as a more accomplished being than I actually was, and that there were lots of things I could improve on. Sufficient preparation and motivation, for one thing. Less arrogance and confidence, for another. Now that I’ve learned my lesson and done better for the second round of application, could you please give me just one acceptance letter, please, pretty please?

* I’ve also realized that there are many tiny little things I have a hard time bearing. I thought I was a pretty patient and understanding person, but once again, I got above my head and had too high expectations of myself. From the little, really, insignificant comments from my mom, to the (what I think are) bluntly bragging comments from people on Facebook, the list of ‘What annoys Seulgie’ seems to have no end. But seriously, don’t you think that with all this social network plethora, the saying ‘Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing’ has totally lost its meaning? Oops, here I go again. So I’ve decided that in 2013, I’ll try to be less mean, a task I think will be even harder to keep than my resolution of ‘going to the gym regularly’. And that’s been pretty hard.

* Yosemite rocks. In every sense of the word. I had forgotten how much beauty nature can offer. Something I couldn’t describe with words or deliver to others even with the help of a good camera. That pang of heart you feel when you see the vastness and virginity of nature being displayed in front of your eyes, that’s something anyone should be able to experience, at least once. But, erm, hiking is not as easy as it sounds and would think (if you think like me before I went there).

* Knowledge is vast and without ends, so to even have a grasp of it, you have to put it down in writing or something you can go back to later. The plan ‘I’ll remember it later, no need to write it down’ never works. Whether it is news, information, or data on your field of interest or a simple book, your brain is not likely to retain everything, so you should always welcome a little help from a pen and paper, or computer, if you’re not as old-fashioned as I am.

I’m sure that 2012 taught me many more things, but as I said, I probably forgot them all between the little time that passed by between the moment I started this entry and today, when I finally gathered up the courage to finish it. But I guess I have the most important ones.


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