Being nice and Facebook

I thought I had blurted everything I despise about Facebook users in my last post, but I guess you can never be too mean. So here goes, my second attempt at unleashing the demon inside me that Facebook does so well in pulling out to the surface.

I love SNS. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Tumblr, you name it. I enjoy using them, as much as I like peeking around what others are doing with these new means of communication. I won’t deny it, I think I’m a little bit addictive to it. I’ll secretly check for Facebook notifications (OK, now it’s not a secret anymore) whenever I post something I think deserves attention (which, since I’m a self-involved person, is usually most of the time) and will get disappointed if my what-I-think is damn sarcastic, thus funny and witty, status gets ignored while one of my ‘Facebook friends’ whining on their long day gets sympathy ‘Likes’ and comforting comments.

However, I have come to learn, especially recently, that you need to have a decent personality to be able to bear with the overreaching consequences of Facebook. You need to be forgiving, open-minded, in other words, a ‘nice person’ to be able to fully enjoy it But the fact is, I am not a nice person. Sure, I can think of a couple of people who would describe me as nice. Well,  in fact, I would like to believe that most people that I know think I’m nice. But when I’m by myself, getting enraged at all the idiocies people post AND above all, COMMENT on my statuses and posts, I have to admit, I am not that nice, nor am I very forgiving. In fact, I think that in a perverted sort of way, I do enjoy being mean, as long as the others don’t know it, especially those I would want to be mean to. Is that too much to ask, really?

On the other hand, when I am done blaming myself for this negative influence on my life (like most things we enjoy, such as alcohol and caffeine, I guess Facebook should be taken in moderation), I do wonder, if it is really my fault that I’m easily irritated by Facebook users, those who are called my ‘Facebook Friends’. I wish people would be more aware of the presence and meaning of the word ‘Social’ in SNS. Yes, ‘social’ implies ‘being with others, living in society’ and all that ‘together’ crap, but if you think about it, it’s also knowing how your actions and words have consequences and an impact on others. You should be considerate towards others. So, really, I think people should be more careful about how they behave on these platforms. If you don’t want to be more careful, there’s something called ‘diary’, which you can make by buying a notebook, or anything to write on, and then keep it to yourself. Or, if you’re too sophisticated to use the good old times pens and pencils, you can still do it typing on your computer and not show it to anyone else. But once you decide to be on an SNS platform, please be aware that it is NOT your personal space. I don’t even talk about your Facebook status.

True, like Ricky Gervais always likes to say on his Tweets, if I don’t like your FB status or Tweets, I can always ‘unfollow’ you or ‘hide’ you from my feeds. But unfortunately, I can’t control what you choose to write on what I consider my personal space. Sure, nowadays, Facebook has gotten more privacy oriented and allows for stuff like ‘acquaintances’ and what not, but like I said, although I do enjoy being mean, I would like it to be kept a secret. I don’t really want you to know that I consider you as an ‘acquaintance’ and not as a ‘friend’.

So please make your own judgment. If you’re hesitating, then the right thing to do would probably be to just laugh and nod at my cool status and move on. You’re still not sure? Well then, let me make it clear for you. If there’s no sign whatsoever that I seem to give a shit about your life (no Likes, no comments, not even a ‘haha that’s funny’ to something that is obviously funny) and I have clearly been ignoring your comments on my page (not even a pity Like), then yeah, you’re probably in that ‘I don’t consider you as a friend so stop bothering me’ zone of mine. Move away those fingers of yours from the keyboard. Sure you’re my ‘Facebook friend’. But surely, you don’t mean to tell me that you would actually think I give a damn about your opinion, when obviously you and I both know that we are not really friends. Surely, you know the difference between ‘Facebook friend’ and ‘real friend’. And no matter how much SNS has invaded our lives, I would still like to think that there is a clear difference between those two. So, yeah, no offense erm, (and you know the thing about ‘no offense’ right? It usually means ‘yeah, please take the offense’), but would you be so kind and get the damn hint. I do apologize in advance.


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