Airs of grandeur


I’m sorry,

am I the only one who is a little bit annoyed by Felix Baumgartner?

Applause to the incredible jump that he has done. One should always push for more, never accept any boundaries, continuously challenge oneself, and blah blah.

I just don’t see the point of this stunt though, and all of his ‘quotes’ that are trending on facebook, twitter, tumblr etc, are not only tasteless, but also insulting.

First of all, NO.

You don’t have to be up really high to realize your minuteness in this universe. You should always be aware of how insignificant you can be. The point is not to end life insignificantly. And we all do that. We may not be jumping from high places, but we recognize that, and I’m sorry, but some of us do make more difference in this world than you have with that stunt.

And second,

Well fuck…

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