“The Van” by Roddy Doyle

If I could summarize in one sentence this book: ‘Men are stupid’. They really are.

It’s not that it’s not a good book, unworthy of more words. It’s a good read, fun at times, and easy to read.

But seriously, at the end of the book, all I could think was ‘Men are stupid’.

Men are stupid because they think being unemployed means the end of the world for them, yet they don’t try to revive that world.

Men are stupid because although they may not earn money, they think they can always spare some to buy a pint of beer (maybe that’s just limited to the Irish men…but no, come to think of it, any Korean man would probably do the same, or even more, a pint of beer wouldn’t be enough, it would be a whole carton of soju).

Men are stupid because a tiny speck of self-confidence and they think they’re back on top of the world (where they never were in the first place, but well, in their minds, yes).

Men are stupid because they have to be re-assured and re-confirmed that despite their age and their changed physique, they could still have a chance with picking up women in bars (yet, that doesn’t mean they are unhappy with their marriage).

Men are stupid because they can throw away a whole business, a lifehood, because of some self-esteem/pride thing.


Or maybe, their stupidity is just another victim of this patriarchal society, I don’t know.


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