“Interventions” – by Noam Chomsky

You always hear about the evil doings of the government of the United States, but somehow you don’t really have a clear idea what exactly… To all those out there like myself who only have a vague idea about how ‘bad’ the US government is, this book will tell you about the major ‘wrong’ interventions that the US government perpetrated in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’.

Chomsky talks about the ‘single-standard’ and not about the commonly known ‘double-standard’ that the US government always takes: that is, the only standard they seem to respect is the one that matches with the US government’s profits and advantages. Democracy, freedom, fair vote, all these are only slogans that the US government is quite willingly brandishing to support/denounce other governments only when it is convenient for them. Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Pinochet, the list goes on for all these who were once ‘allies’ of the US government, only to be turned down the next day when ‘American values’ and benefits were at stake.

We are once more reminded that if we choose said values or standards for all, then we are the ones even more responsible towards them, we are the ones who should stick by them and answer to them. Unfortunately, the US government has long forgotten this.

One small criticism I would point out is that Chomsky is too absorbed in criticizing the US government and its deeds that he sometimes, I’m sure unintentionally, portrays Hussein or Chavez as innocent victims. Let’s not forget that despite the ‘unfortunate betrayal’ that these ‘leaders’ once had to face from the US, they are still authors of certain crimes – among which a strong case of megalomania – for which they should be admonished.



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