Welcome to your late 20s

Reaching your late 20s welcomes you to a world full of concerns and ‘serious’ thoughts. There is no special age set to define ‘late 20s’, the number does no matter. Rather, you will feel you’ve reached it once you thoroughly feel all the worries of the world weighing on your shoulders and sipping in your veins. Considering your early 20s where dreams and hopes were the only things you were destined to harbor and reach one day, the world of late 20s is certainly not very welcoming.

Sure, on the bright side, we have evolved and we are not expected to raise a family from early on and we did have some ‘serious thoughts’ in our early 20s as well, but still, nothing prepares us for this kind of shock.

Where does the shock start? Does it start with the realization that dreams will remain dreams? Or worse even, that these dreams were not even worth having? Does it most affect you when you find out that you are after all, ‘normal’, ‘plain’, ‘usual’ and not destined for greater things as you were so often told and have come to believe?

True, the world is full of possibilities. The list for schools if you want to pursue your studies goes on and on as you scroll down your mouse. The list for research centers all over the world and in so many diverse areas is also surprisingly quite vast. People in your surroundings, friends of friends, alumni, remote acquaintances, also seem to be doing quite well for themselves, working not only all over the world but also in renowned institutes and organizations.

Yet, the biggest problem you are faced with and the biggest difficulty you just can’t seem to overcome, is the question as to where do I belong, what suits me, what do I want to do. Having doubts about a career path you never had to doubt before now, being lost at the fact that nothing excites you or attracts you among all these gazillion things, and in the end, feeling you have only built a castle of sand for so long without realizing it was sand until it has started to pour so suddenly that you can only watch as the rain destroys your castle…

Since when do you draw blank when asked what your dream is?

Welcome to your late 20s.

A small comfort may be that you once had your early 20s when at some point in your life you did feel significant and like you mattered, and had all these things you ‘wanted’ to do. And maybe, just maybe, you will have reached a comfortable (maybe not 100% satisfactory, but at least comfortable and reassuring) stage in a decade…hopefully sooner.


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