My light too

Tossed here and there

Between so many selves and centers of the universe

It is their little world – so polished and shining

I’m sorry, may I light my world just a little bit? Your light is hiding mine.

Doesn’t matter, my light, your light, my world, your world, what is the big difference?

Come into my world –

No thank you. This once, I would like to shed light onto my world please.

Fine – but I know your light, I know your world. Let me tell you.

It will be so much more interesting and entertaining.

My light, my world.

My story, my life.

Me, Me, Me.

Perseverance, effort, trial, fade away with my torch.

You know, my …

And so they go, as a whisper, as a wind that was not even born.

Surely, they will come back.

Tell me now –

I’m sorry, what?

I have forgotten the words, the feeling, the need, the comfort, the pleasure

How does it go? I do not know.

But doesn’t matter, does it?

I left that coocoon a while ago. I do miss it from time to time, it’s only a branch away

Yet that branch seems so high up, I would not know how to climb back up there.

So please do go on.

I can feel the torch, it is still warm, it may rekindle

me me me

Please do go on.

I’m tired, I’m sad. Can you feel it?

me me me

Please do go on.

What a wonderful day.

me me me

Please do go on.

May I leave for a while? Will you miss me?


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